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Health & Safety

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Our Goal is Zero Incidents!

The management of TSI Insulation LTD. endorses a strong and active Health & Safety program. Nothing is more important to us than to provide a safe work environment to everyone involved in our work. TSI’s management works closely with the employees to ensure a 100% safe work culture is implemented and maintained in all of our operations.

In our experience we have found that establishing a positive attitude towards safety encourages employee participation in the Health & Safety program. Employee feedback is essential and is monitored to ensure that the program is effective and relevant. We encourage every employee to be aware of their own safety and of their fellow worker.

We continually measure the success of our Health & Safety program but the best measure is when each of our employees return home at the end of the day safely.

Our safety goal is to protect all workers, environment, general public and property from injury and incident. Our Health & Safety program includes a safety training program for our employees to enhance skills and knowledge and to perform the safest work.

It is the policy of TSI Insulation LTD. to provide a safe and healthy place of employment for all employees in all aspects of our operations and to voluntarily abide by all safety regulations as they pertain to our industry.

TSI Insulation LTD. is proud to maintain its COR (Certificate of Recognition) awarded by the Alberta Construction Safety Association and we are extremely committed to fulfill our Health & Safety Program.